20180306_172922The Welsh Granny collection.  Needle felted Grannies all dressed in traditional costume, carrying out tasks our ancestors would have contributed to society throughout the history of Wales, building the country we know it to be today.  Women’s roles were important to building the economy, with their craft skills in the cottage industry, as well as working on the farm, planting, growing, selling the produce in the markets, as well as animal husbandry.  Women also worked alongside the miners, sorting, carrying, tallying what came out of the Earth.  Until the end of the mining era, where they played a huge part in supporting the miners, protesting and marching in solidarity with the striking miners.

In tribute to the women who paved the way forward, I created this little collection of needle felted grannies at work.  The first batch I made went to Cardiff, they proudly stood in the cultural centre of Wales.  More recently, one of my grannies flew all the way to Australia.  There is even one sitting on our local MP’s desk.  They certainly do get around.

To celebrate 100 years achievements by Welsh women, the grannies went out, proudly wearing the purple, white and green of the women’s movement, to remind us, never stop fighting for our rights.  Power to Welsh grannies everywhere, those who have now left this Earth, to those grannies of the future, granny power to you all.




Some of my needle felted 2D creations, made with Marino wool on felt canvas for framing.

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