My name is Morvenna, and I am a genetic mutant.  At the age of 40, my DNA got itself into a bit of a twist and stopped producing muscle power.  This left me with no other choice than to replace that muscle power with modern technology to live out the remainder of my life on this Earth.  My legs were replaced with wheels attached to a moving seat, powered by electricity and controlled by a switch, which allows me to move from one place to another on dry land.  Until the day comes when we can rely on alternative technology, as electricity and water do not mix well, I have lost my connection with the ocean, like a landlocked mermaid unable to return to her beloved home.

The muscle power in my lungs is weak, a machine ensures my lungs are inflated and deflated as I sleep, as when night falls, and exhaustion takes over my body, I may not have the energy to remember to do this for myself.  A plastic mask attached to a tube plugged into the power supply, keeps my tired lungs rising and falling as I regenerate energy and dream of a past life.  A life in which I could dance freely, swim in the ocean, climb over rocks, hug trees, hug friends and lovers, hug my babies in my arms.

As I wake from my dreams and re-enter reality, a mechanical bed gently bends my spine and tightens my core muscles into an upright sitting position by using a remote control pad.  From this I transfer my body slowly into the electronically powered seat with wheels as I begin another new day.

My name is Morvenna and I live with a rare disease calling itself Myofibrilar Myopathy.  Sounding pretty dismal at the moment, but really, its not all doom and gloom as they say.

I am a disability rights campaigner challenging the system constantly.  I fight for justice and equality within our society.  While I still have the ability to use my voice as a tool to fight against the wrong doings of our governments and powers that be, I will, and I do, most often, with the assistance of a battery powered megaphone, and a computer that enables me to share my words with the world.

I am an artist.  I paint, I sketch, I scribble out words, I can turn a ball of wool into a 3D masterpiece.  I can stitch, I can stick, I can mould, I can create.

I also have this incredible ability to laugh, and that is what I want to share with you here.  Laughter is amazing, it makes you feel free, it releases stress and tension within.  It helps you forget the physical and emotional pains of life and can also carry an important message.

This is my blog, welcome to my world.